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About Us

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Dragon Hardware Factory is located in known as "China Hardware Base"reputation of Jieyang City,Guangdong Province,is a veteran of the hardware manufacturing enterprises.With independent research and development,professional production,personalized packaging,independent sales throughtrain system.

Since the establishment of the Dragon to the development of more than 10 years,forge ahead,and strive to innovate and constantly introduce advanced equipment and high-quality professional research and design staff,while the factory has production die-casting,stamping polishing,electroplating supporting one-stop production equipment and standardized.The operation and management model so that products due to...

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Image 1 www.bvvy.icu It's a pleasure for you to visit.

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Image 2 Tel: +86-663-8286989  +86-663-8286777

Fax: +86-663-8286689

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